Hughesy Ed and Erin – Audio Production 2021!

It’s been ages since i’ve been on a show (just under two years) so naturally i’m now on 2DayFM Breakfast with Hughesy Ed and Erin!

If you haven’t heard of them, there’s funny man Dave Hughes who goes by the name Hughesy. You need to check out his comedy gold, you’ll be laughing till the cows come home – watch a live show on a Saturday night on the telly or you can go watch a live show when he’s in your city or town next!

There’s Ed Kavalee who bounces off Hughesy perfectly. The two have been working alongside each other for years, and it really shows.

Alongside the boys is Erin Molan who used to work on Channel Nine’s Footy Show who’s now across Sky News Australia as a political personality, and also hosts her own show Erin each Sunday.

When you put them together they form Hughesy Ed and Erin on Sydney’s 104.1 2DayFM.

It’s fun, full of laughs and it’s just something fresh. Take a listen to some of the highlights here!

Want something like this on your station? Just sing out and say hi!

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