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Everyone loves music products

If they don’t – they’re lying…

It’s been a busy month bedding into my new role and working out what’s what! Where do things live and where do I put them! What are these servers you talk about and why don’t I have this and that! It’s all part of the journey to a brand spanker of a workplace.


After listening to the station and seeing how things sit and sound, it was time to slowly start tearing up some of the imaging and music products. And it all started with the music products that showcase our Throwback Thursday music feature on Nova 937.

Each Thursday we spin the greatest throwbacks all day – and it’s a banger of a playlist let me tell you. Driving from Sydney to Perth, I wasn’t sure whether I was listening to my Spotify or the radio!

Take a listen to some music products for Throwback Thursday and let me know what you think of these babies.

Keep up to date with my moves and what i’ve been up to here – i’ll be posting a whole lot of stuffs!

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