What Are Branded Intros And Are They Effective?

Branded Intros and Imaging play an integral part within a radio station, and it’s not just because you need some noise to say who you are and what you ultimately do to get a message across.

Imagine a radio station or show without imaging – the overall on-air product will be lifeless, toneless, and emotionless. Pretty bland, ammi right?

Throughout several blogs on this website, I’ve mentioned the importance branded intros are extremely important in branding your radio station or show, and it’s all to do with sonic recall. You may not know it, but it’s the small things (along with other things) that bed with your audience.

As pieces of production, branded intros are built to introduce a song by an artist. Specifically built to introduce new additions to a current playlist, branded intros engage with the audience by identifying the artist, the title of the song, followed by the station and sometimes it’s slogan.

Used mainly for the purpose of recall, it’s a catchy piece of audio that cements a stations position. So, why should you show branded intros some love?

  • It might be the difference between someone associating their favourite song and your station, for the music they know and love
  • They’re simplistic and easily updatable should they ever need to change
  • Once you build them, they’re on the air for life (of course, making sure that you have variations for the new song, and one without the new song when it’s not so new)

Here’s a squiz at some of my branded intros

I recently featured on a podcast called Prodcast, where I spoke about why I think they should be short and sweet. You can take a listen here.

Branded intros are my thing. I also believe they’re an integral part of any station or show. Keeping them short, simple and musical is what you want. In an age where humans are inundated with up to 10,000 marketing messages a day, short and sweet with a bit of zing is best.

Considering implementing some fresh branded intros? It’ll help cement the sound and position of your radio station or show. Not sure where to start? Get in touch – advice costs nothing and it’s always good to ask questions!

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