Ash London Live | Imaging March 2018

Radio and Production Build Theatre Of The Mind

This year is flying at the speed as if there is no tomorrow!

March led the way to shifting my style of production for special tactics which are insanely huge. We were able to send one lucky listener and their best friend to see Camila Cabello Live in LA – huge! Then another listener and their best mate to see 5 Seconds of Summer perform their latest single live! Did I mention for the very first time?

Ash London Live-Migos In Miami

We sometimes take working in radio for granted – but when you hear a listener lose their shit on air, you and your team are the ones to thank.

In this reel, there’s some imaging hype around our Camila Cabello announcement and International Women’s Day Stagers. Then there’s some artist openers, an artist package of Shawn Mendes‘ musical journey and some other cool bits and pieces like 5 Seconds of Summer!

What a time to be alive.

Something which made me appreciate my job more (not that I don’t appreciate it at all!) was taking listeners through a musical journey. The Shawn Mendes package informed those who had no idea of his fame, and like everyone, when you find out those little bits of info, you appreciate that artist a little bit more.

For anything else, give us a yell.

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