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Techniques That Rock With Rhythm

Since writing the last blog post, we are now eight months away from Christmas! This is freakishly scary.

As image producers, we’re more often than not trying to source, build and load on a continual basis where the clock works against us. It ultimately means that somewhere down the line some things need to give way (time wise) for those anomalies.

Back in this blog post I mentioned how important branded intros are at brand recall, so I decided to change a few things up and spend a little more time on things. You’ll notice workparts which just work with the song, lyrical parts of the song and some trickery and autotune.

If you’re an imager – set aside some time and get lost in playing around with different techniques. You’ll not only find it’s refreshing, but find there’s more oomph for the rest of the day ahead!

Need to switch off and chill out? Spotify works wonders.

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