Choosing Music for Radio Production

Spotify, Beatport, iTunes?

Choosing music for radio production can be a pretty intense process. There are days you’ll stumble right upon what you’re looking for, other days it can take four times longer than producing your actual piece!

In a time where we have more choice than ever, there’s always a way to get your hands on music for radio production. That might be through streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music, Beatport, or even iTunes. One thing’s for sure, there’s plenty of choices.

Spotify is right up my ally when it comes to looking for radio production. With music and playlists curated through my listening habits, I thought this might be a perfect time to let people know of its usefulness.

A playlist of mine that opens my mind when it comes to music for radio production.

Spotify’s built around the use of its people. If you’re into pop, it’ll curate playlists around pop songs. Metal lovers, you can happily bang your head over hectic bangers and hope you’ve got a head left. If you’re all about dance, it’ll skew your selection of music to you guessed it – dance.

Each Tuesday I listen to a playlist called Discover Weekly which curates music based on what I like (and listen to). Up until recently, I was into fast paced tunes like Drum and Bass. It wasn’t long until I then caught wind of the Dance genre through some sneaky little habits of my own.

You see, i’d span out and listen to something different to get a break from D&B, and before I knew it, Spotify identified my music taste was changing – and it too, altered what it thought i’d like. It’s Ingeniously freaky and I think it’s something we’re yet to see more of.


What am I trying to say?

We’re moving in a direction we create ourselves, without even knowing it. Technology helps drive our thirst for curiosity.

I’d love to know – did a change in your taste of music change your sound or techniques? It sure helped mine!

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