Ash London Live | Branded Intros; Q2-4 February 2018

Go With The Flow

If it’s anything to go by, most songs released lately are less intense which means they’re less in your face and more cool, calm and collected. They simply go with the flow, which is great seeing life is busy and non-stop hectic.

One thing I learnt through advice when I first started producing was to match the imaging to the mood of the song. In plain english, no stuttering vocals and hard ass sound effects for a soft ballad! Instead just give that song the time to breathe, absorb your trickery and strapline, and get straight into the hit.

These branded intros are lean, clean and straight to the point for quicker-than-usual recall. Why? Too much in a short period of time is a wall of noise and doesn’t cut through.

Some great new additions from Alison Wonderland, Noah Cyrus, Niall Horan, Khalid, Tyron Hapi, 5SOS, Glades. Half of them are Aussie’s – great work guys!


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