Upright To Cairns – Hughesy Ed and Erin

At 2DayFM we’re known for having some of the biggest moments, cash and prizes. We took a whole bunch of 2DayFM listeners to Cairns, Queensland, to have a trip of their life – all expenses paid! Thanks to Foxtel Originals we went Upright To Cairns.

To compliment the trip to Cairns, we flipped our show imaging to something that would resonate with the listeners. And for that reason, we completely ditching the normal show jingle.

The jingle was made between collaborating between a bunch of legends, which was brought to life through audio production.

upright to cairns

The listeners went snorkelling, had a big dinner the night they arrived to meet each other, and even went on a tour in the Great Barrier Reef! One of the most memorable moments from Upright To Cairns was Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures.

We all experienced live crocodiles up close and learnt a thing or two!

Take a listen to some of the highlights here


You too can get yourself some great impactful audio production like Upright To Cairnshit us up here.


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