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Theatrical Radio Imaging  – Can It Be Too Big?

May has been a very busy month in Radio Imaging! We’ve flown people overseas, given people the opportunity of a lifetime to meet and greet their favourite band – and it’s only the first half of the year!

See what i’ve been up to below.

Over the last few months, i’ve been working through a different sound for big tactics. Most noteworthy, the 5SOS launch piece you just heard, was very different to something I’d normally do, and that’s because I wanted to cement the fact that we give money can’t buy experiences that are essentially priceless! When the listener thinks unique experiences with music, they think Ash London Live!

5SOS Radio Imaging

5SOS On Tour

It had to sound different to anything else that’s ever seen the light of day. Overall the game is to make the bigger things stand out – don’t waste it on the littler things; otherwise you’ll lose trust and momentum with your audience.

There’s also a bunch of branded intros you’d have heard, an artist intro on 5SOS, and a promo that sounds completely out place. I had the chance to fill in for 2DayFM Breakfast just short of a week – what fun that was!

A completely different sounding show meant I had to give way to the wizz bang boom and pull out the theatricals. The premise of the promo was to recap the night of a breakfast tactic, where people dressed up in their wedding outfits to celebrate the royal wedding. It was epic – cramming 4o minutes of audio into 1 minute and 30 seconds – not so epic. BUT, it refines your ability to cut shit out and keep things clean! Great learning curve.

A big month, with great outcomes!

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